The Wynnchester Story

Welcome to Wynnchester Outdoors, home of the Adventurer canvas bedroll.

We design, manufacture and sell heritage-inspired outdoors equipment.  You can be assured of the aesthetics, durability and functionality of every piece of equipment we proudly produce.

The Original Wynnchester Stores & Workshop

The Original Wynnchester Stores & Workshop

In the early days of Wynnchester, our team would carefully select and ‘upcycle‘ the very best military vintage outdoor gear.

This included classic military canvas rucksacks, camp beds, wool & wax-cotton clothing as well as other classic gear that deserves to be remembered.

Our Recon range remains available for purchase on a limited edition basis, headed up by Kevin Ruston who founded Wynnchester, via his new venture Hawkfield Vintage.

Wynnchester Outdoors is now run by Mike & Lee and has evolved to include a range of new products. These are all based on tasteful, functional updates to classic designs.

Our products include our flagship canvas bedroll as well as our range of Adventure tarps. Importantly, everything we make is built to last – in fact, we are proud to offer our Wynnchester Built to Last guarantee on all our gear.

Wild Camping with a Wynnchester Adventurer Bedroll

Wild Camping with a Wynnchester Adventurer Bedroll

It wasn’t an easy journey, and we made mistakes along the way. It took us time and effort to find the right suppliers, refine our designs and source the best materials. But it was worth it in the end.

We continue to place a high value on heritage, with strong echoes of the past in materials, form and construction. This ensures our robust gear is both elegant and fit for modern adventure camping.

Our products are all constructed to the highest specifications by our experienced manufacturing team.

Our bedrolls are guaranteed to be 100% ethically made in Britain using only hard-wearing canvas with military-grade specifications. This canvas is sourced exclusively from leading UK suppliers and is pre-proofed with a waterproof, rot-resistant and flame-retardant treatment.

Landrover Defender Bedroll Rig

Landrover Defender Bedroll Rig

Our designs have been developed over many years of trial and error. The final models have been subjected to intensive field testing both by our own team and our happy customers across the globe (we can ship to you worldwide).

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