• Canvas Bedrolls for Canoeists

    “One of the best pieces of camping gear I own” Tim from Alaska

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  • Wild Camping in Britain

    Camping in the wilderness is a beautiful thing. Nothing beats being out in the open air, surrounded by nature, with your Adventurer bedroll open to the stars. We love hearing your stories of wild camping from around the world. Whether it be whilst driving cattle across the USA, grabbing some kip on the side of …

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  • Camp like Clarkson – The Top Gear Edition

    With the news that Top Gear is moving to Amazon, Jeremy Clarkson and his fellow hosts are back in the limelight once again. Whilst we at Wynnchester aren’t so used to hitting the headlines (or Top Gear Producers, or Piers Morgan for that matter), we do often get requests for our gear to be featured …

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  • Top Gear: Wynnchester Bedrolls

    Our Adventurer Canvas Bedrolls were featured in what was to become the final ever special episode of the popular TV show “Top Gear”. The three amigos Clarkson, Hammond and May took a bizarre luxury-car camping  adventure through the Australian Outback in ‘Top Gear Australia Special’. With the news that Top Gear is moving to Amazon, Jeremy Clarkson and his …

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  • History of the Canvas Bedroll

    Camping in the Great Outdoors is an experience so many people enjoy. Yet often we’re really “indoors”, inside a nylon tent, separated from our surroundings and nature. The team at Wynnchester would like to introduce you to a different way of camping. You’ll be protected from the elements but still open to the surroundings, sights and sounds, …

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