We are proud to offer our customers the Wynnchester Built to Last: Lifetime Guarantee.

All our Adventurer bedrolls come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing faults. This means that if any part of the bedroll fails beyond that expected from normal wear and tear we will give you a brand new one.

What does ‘lifetime’ mean? Well, as with all such guarantees, ‘lifetime’ means the lifetime of the bedroll itself, not you the customer. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee that your bedroll will survive to the ripe old age of 80 years (although we did come across a retired British Army Major using a vintage British army bedroll that was decades old!).

We are also unable to cover your bedroll for normal wear and tear. This would be damage that inevitably occurs as the result of normal use. Regardless of how well you look after your Adventurer bedroll, or how carefully you use it, it will eventually begin to show age and wear. Examples of wear not covered by the guarantee would be colours fading, the canvas needing re-proofing, abrasions from normal use, etc. Having said that, the beauty of canvas products is that they can be easily patched – even in the field. So, in that sense, you can get a lifetime of use from your bedroll!

In the unlikely event that your bedroll does suffer a manufacturing fault, please contact us with a short description of what went wrong. We may ask for some photos to help us verify the damage and we may ask for you to send the bedroll back to us so that we can check it over in person and look to repair it. Typically we’ll simply send you a new bedroll free of charge.

You can see our returns and shipping policies here.

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