Camp Firebox with Canvas Cover & Log Carrier


Our new Recon Project stainless steel Fire Box with hand made canvas cover & log carrier features a robust but lightweight stainless steel camping firebox with vintage hand waxed canvas and leather case which converts to a log carrier. The chunky main box comes with a stand and lid – cook in the main box or use the fire for warmth, and cooled ashes can be carried in the box with the lid on to dispose of carefully. The stand keeps the box off the ground avoiding fire-scars.

Our hand made canvas & leather case means transporting the firebox is convenient and compact and is specially designed to double as a log carrier once you’ve set the firebox down, while a simple grill allows cooking over hot embers in the base of the firebox.


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We think this firebox is a perfect size, not too big and not too small, when needed you can get a decent size fire going, but yet it’s not too large to transport around. We’ve tested this for months in different conditions after trying numerous other firebox sizes and designs and found this to have real advantages. The shallow depth means the all important long wave radiation isn’t shielded by high walls as in some designs so it kicks out the maximum amount of heat whilst still protecting the fire from wind.

The log carrier is made of heavy duty waxed canvas with hand-set copper rivets and vintage leather handles. Pack the firebox inside and fasten the antique brass press stud and your firebox is ready for travel. In use once you’ve set the firebox down, undo the press stud and use the log carrier as you forage for firewood, or even just hauling logs from your vehicle to your camp spot.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 45 x 25 x 20 cm
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