Canteen Cup Set with Waxed Cotton Cover


A good cooking and drinking set is an essential bit of kit. We’ve built what we think is an absolutely cracking set using the best military issue components and our own waxed canvas storage bag. The set consists of the absolutely awesome Dutch Army 1 Litre canteen, with two nesting stainless steel cook mugs, giving one for drink while the other can be used for cooking.



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The full 1 litre Dutch Army water bottle used is the Avon Rubber Company version and is made of the toughest black plastic you’ll ever see – drop this off a cliff and if you can get to the bottom to retrieve it it’ll still be there for you when you need a drink. We’ve been using this for about a year for testing and it’s simply perfect – and it even got driven over by our Range Rover and survived that with no problem. That is supplied in the kit with the corresponding and equally superb Dutch Army stainless steel canteen cup. Again this is the best around – it’s a very similar size and shape to the US army canteen cup, but has a rolled edge and more solid handles and thicker stainless steel construction – utterly bomb-proof. Then those two nest inside the KING of canteen cups, the British Army issue Crusader stainless steel cook mug. The Crusader holds a whopping 0.75 Litres and can function as your saucepan/cook mug for food, or a second mug, and it can be set straight on a fire. It has a special heat-dissipating stainless steel which really works meaning the metal doesn’t heat up and you don’t burn your lips even with a just-boiled brew – and again it is tougher than nails. All materials are unissued military stock in brand new condition straight from the supplying factory.

Then those three nested items are contained with our own hand-waxed canvas drawstring bag made from vintage military cotton material, a very very fine weave tough cloth that when treated with our own beeswax and linseed oil blend develops a fantastic seal-skin appearance over time and helps keep blackening soot from your cook mugs off your other gear, and also keeps dirt, snows, sand etc out of the whole kit. You can though still access the water bottle for a drink without removing it from the bag.

Canteen Cup Set

Canteen Cup Set

Army Canteen Cup Set

Army Canteen Cup Set

Army Canteen Cup Set in Waxed Canvas Bag

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