French Army 1st Gulf War Desert Jacket/Smock


This is classic commando style smock jacket of Gulf War One vintage from the French Army, in a fantastic desert sand colour with blue lining and packed with great features. Full details below.

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French Soldiers wearing these jackets in Iraq during Gulf War I Desert StormWorn during the first Gulf War, Operation Desert Storm (called “Operation Daguet” by the Frenchafter the Daguet Division specially formed for deployment as part of the coalition force), this superb jacket is made of a waterproofed and breathable lightweight polycotton canvas and has multiple pockets with velcro closures to seal out sand and dust.

Designed specifically for desert use, a key feature is the large wrap-around neck gaiter which can be left open or closed right up to keep out the wind and rain or for warmth. It functions on its own like a in-built shemagh (desert scarf) or it can be used together with a bandana or indeed a full size shemagh (see photos), and fastens across with a wide band of military grade velcro. Likewise the front opening is secured with an extremely high quality military grade zip.

The elasticated hood still allows great freedom of movement when up and the whole jacket is characterised by a feeling of light weight and ease of movement, with great comfort and security, as well as being highly windproof and with good water resistance – water beads off the canvas very well. It does rain in the desert and indeed the French Army’s opening assault in Gulf War One was started out before dawn in heavy rain. One great thing about the jacket is it doesn’t rustle like a lot of modern fabrics – it’s silent in use (until you use the velcro that is of course!).

One of the few commando style smocks that aren’t in a DPM or other camouflage pattern and fantastic for most weather conditions – the wrap is also a bonus in winter or snowy conditions as well as if you find yourself in a sand storm in the desert…A great all round lightweight smock jacket with a classic military heritage.

French Army 1st Gulf War Desert Smock

French Army Desert Smock

French Desert Jacket SmockDesert Jacket - Coastal Campfire


Historical Images from the first Gulf War c. 1991 showing French Troops using these jackets:

French Soldiers wearing these jackets in Iraq during Gulf War I Desert Storm

French Army Desrt Jacket in Gulf War I Desert Storm







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