Italian “Alpini” Canvas Rucksack


Used by the elite Italian “Alpini” Mountain troops, which were established as the world’s first dedicated mountain units in the 18th Century to protect Italy’s northern Alpine border, this is a fantastic tough but compact canvas rucksack full of functionality. These packs are now extremely rare and hard to find.

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italian alpini troops climbing with rucksackThe innovative design from the 1930’s with 2 large lace-up side compartments, and it’s compact size are based on the needs of soldiers operating in the mountains, so there are fittings for ice-axes, ski poles, and the small size means they soldiers remained as mobile as possible, able to climb cliffs and ski the Alpine plateaux.

Today it serves as an awesome bushcraft day pack or overnight pack, those who have used it frequently rate it as some of their favourite bits of kit of all time – it’s something you live with, and lives with you, wherever you go, more a reliable companion than a rucksack. You’ll love this pack as much we do…

We have scoured the globe for a source of this particular rucksack from the late 1970’s. We then select the best, most complete examples, clean them and give the canvas a wax cotton treatment to bring it back to life.

The result is a revitalised rugged canvas rucksack that is perfect for day-to-day activities in the bush – carrying a bushcraft hatchet, saws and other kit, a lightweight tent or tarp, cooking gear and binoculars. The rugged outer canvas comes with many robust fittings and attachment points, solid metal clasps and webbing with double O-rings for attaching a blanket roll or jacket underneath and it has a waterproof rubberised lining built in. It has a natural traditional feel of a working pack that gives you a lot of capacity and functionality – a very characterful vintage canvas rucksack.

Customer Comments:

A few days after we last spoke, I received the pack. When I was a kid my grandfather had one and this is why I wanted one too. When i opened the packet it was just as i remember it. Even the smell… Its great!!! Many thanks.

PT, Greece.


Received my Alpini rucksack over the weekend. I’m very impressed with it. Thanks for everything and keep up the good work.



I just took out an Alpini rucksack I got from you guys earlier. Did a day hike in the Shenandoah Mountains in Virginia. It’s really a great pack. Perfect size.





Vintage Italian Army Canvas Rucksack


Alpini Italian Canvas Rucksack

Detail view

Vintage italian army alpini canvas rucksack

Customer photo with Granfors Wildlife Hatchet – Brian Taylor:

alpini canvas bushcraft rucksack with granfors bruks axe

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Dimensions 40 x 30 x 16 cm
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