Norwegian “Telemark” Pack


We are delighted to be able add to the Recon range a supply of this awesome Norwegian canvas and elk-leather full-size rucksack – the legendary ‘Telemark Pack’ – “Telemark” (a region in Southern Norway) being a kind of Norwegian cross-country skiing used in the mountains by the Norwegian Army for whom these rucksacks were originally made by Bergans Of Norway the company founded by Ole F. Bergan, who designed his first rucksack in 1908 and are still a leading outdoor equipment supplier. The word “bergen” has been used in the military since then to mean a full size military rucksack.


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  1. The.Heroes.of.Telemark.1965These packs were featured in the classic war film based on an amazing true story of Norwegian resistance against Nazi occupation, Heroes Of Telemark. And as seen in the photo below, these rucksacks were also used by the British Navy’s Royal Marine Commandos. That’s real heritage – and we’ve had quite a number of ex-Royal Marines buy our Recon Telemark packs, which with so many modern rucksacks available on the market is testament to the proven toughness and utility of these great vintage packs.

And you can see why: this is an incredible, tough pack, vast in capacity, very adaptable to carrying a bedroll or other gear on top, properly big side-pockets, and leather trimmed slits on each side between the main bucket and the side pockets for ski’s, ice axe or hatchets etc.

Heroes of Telemark Kirk Douglas skiA full array of thick quality leather straps for attaching gear and a very comfortable leather harness suspension and shoulder straps together with a surprisingly lightweight and compact external steel frame that keeps the rucksack in a very good position on your back no matter how much weight you are carrying.

We treat the leather with special preserving oils and hand-wax the canvas to give a beautiful water-resistant finish. The result is a true classic brought back to life and one which is still pretty much unbeatable as a full-size load-carrying rucksack – an absolute pleasure to own and use.


Royal Marine Commandos Mountain Troops using these packs in North Norway 1972 – Photo from the excellent Scottish Mountain Heritage Collection

rucksack and folding camp stool

Recon #2: reconditioned norwegian army rucksack - large capacity
Canvas Vintage Norwegian Military Rucksack

Customer Comments:

The sack arrived yesterday. Delighted! Many thanks for your excellent service.



Finally made the ski trek into my favorite lake with the Norwegian rucksack you sent me. It performed perfectly – I forgot I was wearing a pack it was so comfortable! The skis, by the way, are vintage wooden telemark models from the late ’30’s. Didn’t catch a speckled trout, though. Maybe next time.

DF, Canada

canvas pack with vintage skis


Hi Kevin, Thanks for the Telemark Rucksac received today – it is SUPERB !



Hi again, just letting you know my order arrived and the Telemark pack looks amazing and feels great as well, cant wait to start using it. The haversack is great too. Thanks.



Just letting you know that I received the pack and bedroll yesterday evening and they are absolutely perfect! Just what I was looking for, they seem very robust yet compact and sleek, great gear that will last a long time, rare and wonderful things in the age of plastic and built-in obsolescence. Thank you so much for all your help enthusiastic explanations.


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