Vintage Swiss Army Wool Blanket


These are the ultimate military wool blanket: very high quality and beautiful colours and designs, evocative of a bygone age. A heavy blanket, these are extremely thick and warm but are also very soft. These fantastic blankets are now becoming increasingly rare and hard to acquire.

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1907 Swiss Army Blanket

1907 Swiss Army Blanket

These are the ultimate military wool blanket, the King of blankets – very high quality and beautiful colours and designs, evocative of a bygone age, of the height of Swiss manufacturing from the WWII period when Switzerland, surrounded by the Axis powers on all sides had to become self-sufficient across the board, and that led to great ingenuity and the use of local natural materials, wool, flax, local leather etc. The national pride of this effort is evident in all the Swiss military gear of the time, and the tradition (as also evidenced by the famous Swiss army knifes made by Victorinox as well as the vintage Swiss packs we sell) continued well beyond that era with exceptional quality and innovation.

Some of the blankets have the Swiss cross woven in white on a red band, others have the cross woven in red on the grey wool as in the first two photos below of a dated 1941 blanket with “41” together with the initials of the region where it was made, “GL” for the Canton of Glarus, a mountainous region in the East of Switzerland. A list of the 26 Swiss Cantons together with the initials can be found here, so you can find out where your blanket comes from!

Vintage Swiss Army Wool Blanket

Vintage Swiss Army Wool Blanket

Showing the date (1941 in this case) and makers mark and the Swiss army stamp
Showing the date (1941 in this case) and initials of the Swiss Canton (region) from which it came, and the Swiss army stamp.
Wool blanket & vintage Swiss 1940s' mountain rucksack
Wool blanket & vintage Swiss 1940s’ mountain rucksack

An illustration of Swiss Army Mountain Troops from 1880, showing their blanket rolls with the classic Swiss Army design in use over 100 years ago, and below, our blanket roll with our Vintage Swiss Mountain Pack and other vintage alpine gear.

Swiss Army mountain troops from the 1880's showing the classic Swiss Army blanket rolls

Our Swiss Army blankets and Vintage Swiss Army Rucksacks were supplied as authentic alpine room decor at the recently-opened Huus Gstaad design hotel. The landmark hotel sits at 1050 metres elevation (3,445 Feet) in Switzerland’s most prestigious ski resort town of Gstaad, in the Bernese Oberland region of Switzerland. It has been completely re-designed by Norwegian Architect Erik Nissen Johansen of Swedish design company Stylt Trampoli and the rebuild of the 300-room hotel, spa and conference centre was recently completed with the design based on a classic ‘Alpine Adventure’ theme with luxurious rooms, restaurants and bars and guides offering rafting, skiing, mountain biking and other alpine activities, all under the gaze of the stunning Western Alps. We were consulted to provide authentic props to complete the stunning design.Read our full blog post here.

Huus Gstaad Swiss Hotel rucksack blanket rolls

Leather Blanket Roll Straps

Available with our traditional leather Blanket Roll Straps hand-made in our Somerset workshop:

Swiss Army Wool Blanket Roll

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