Swiss Mountain Pack


This is an all-time classic design, originating in the 1950’s as the famous and highly sought-after but now very rare ‘salt and pepper’ canvas and leather rucksack (also available reconditioned by us here ), this evolution is it’s most rugged form – the later early-1980’s model in rubberised canvas and leather, also the final evolution of the design before it was replaced in military use by modern-era materials. These are surely the toughest most bomb-proof rucksacks every made. Beautifully constructed in thick high quality leather and quality forged anodised metal fittings, we chose this version as it is the ultimate example of Swiss engineering in a truly beautiful and highly functional design. It’s tough, bullet-proof yet a beautiful and classic design.

AVAILABILITY: These are now becoming very rare and hard to find after being more widely available in recent years – see current stock status below.

Only 1 left in stock

Having sourced a supply of these, we remove any that are beyond repair, leaving only the best examples, then clean them and treat the leather with special nourishing and preserving agents and finally a wax finish to both the leather and the ballistic nylon canvas (more details in our post here). We are proud to be bringing this iconic rucksack fully back to use.


Vintage Canvas Rucksack & Kelly Kettle


Swiss Army Mountain Troops in a 1962 film using the older Vintage version of this pack to the same design (see our Vintage Swiss Mountain Pack):

Swiss Army Mountain Troop Backpacks



Hi Kevin,
Received the Swiss mountain pack safe and sound.
I am over the moon with it, absolutely superb. I will make it my main 1 or 2 day rucksack. Can’t wait for all the admiring glances I am sure to get out on the trail. Thanks for your excellent service and all your help
Kindest regards


Mt. Kristinartindar in South West Iceland from Ross Packman - Photos courtesy of Lydia Titterton

On Top Of The World… the pack high up on Mt. Kristinartindar in South West Iceland sent in by Ross Packman – Photos courtesy of Lydia Titterton































I received the pack last week all well and good, you were right the olive colour does look fantastic. I really love the fact that there is still that small card on the back where I can just make out the name of one of the original owners of this pack. Will not hesitate to order from you again, hopefully in the near future!


Hi Kevin,
Many thanks for your swift reply regarding attaching your canvas bed roll to the vintage swiss army rucksack your help is very much appreciated. I am very impressed with the equipment shown on your web site,some items are very nostalgic for me as I am still using some kit issued to me during my service in the Royal Navy especially my duck down sleeping bag issued in 1972 for Artic Warfare training,it still is in good condition and goes with me on all my trips to the Yukon,not bad for a 40 year old bag.

Kind regards, PW, UK.

Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 50 x 40 x 30 cm

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