Vintage Military Paraffin Lamp


There’s nothing better around your camp site at night than the glow of an old fashioned oil lamp

We looked hard to find a supply of original British Army paraffin lanterns in good condition. Much easier to operate and maintain than a Tilley lamp, but shedding much more light than a candle-lantern, the original vintage oil lamp design is practical and robust, easy light and to fill, and easy to and regulate, simply by moving the wick up and down. Safe and stable, and storm-proof these are just about as reliable a piece of camp gear as you’ll ever find.

They have few parts and are easily cleaned by removing the glass piece if it gets blackened with smoke from an over-burning lamp wick. And they run economically from paraffin which is among the easiest and safest fuels to purchase and store.

Beautiful objects in their own right, these original military oil lamps are fantastic to own and use and the evocative smell wafting through the night air around your camp will either bring back past memories – or it will make new ones.



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Vintage British Army Oil Lamp







Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 35 x 20 x 20 cm
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