Vintage Swiss Army Patrol Pack


This is a stunning and very practical 35 litre capacity flax & nettle “salt & pepper” canvas Vintage Patrol Pack with very high quality leather & metal fittings, very tough, very light, and compact with an absolute classic vintage alpine Swiss Army design from the 1950’s. Using lightweight but robust and repairable materials and indestructible build quality – hallmarks of the Swiss military packs of that era that arguably have never been bettered technically to this day. Contrary to popular belief it wasn’t Lowe Alpine that developed the first internal frame rucksacks in the 1970’s – the Swiss Army had been quietly employing them in the mountains since the 1940’s, during WWII.

Still completely functional for the 21st Century it makes a perfect day pack.

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Issued along with the full size Vintage Swiss Mountain Pack, this is the smaller Patrol Pack which having no internal frame and without the thick leather base of the Mountain Pack can be folded up and attached to the main infantry pack itself.

With a single but very large, accessible front pocket, thick leather straps and a drawstring closure this is an absolutely beautiful and highly usable classic military pack with the very highest build quality of the Swiss army canvas packs of this era. We fit straps made from thick full grain leather as these packs do not come with their own straps. This is because they were made to take the straps from the larger Mountain Pack in a classic two-pack system, the shoulder straps are detachable and can be used with either the larger or smaller pack as required. The beautiful flax and nettle canvas is incredibly tough but also incredibly light weight. Used for thousands of years, traditional stinging nettle fibre has a strength to weight ratio similar to that of high tech carbon fibre! Reconditioned and treated with organic beeswax waterproofing and other natural plant oils including Flaxseed oil for the special Flax-based canvas, the end result is something we are very proud of.

Customer Comments:

Hi Kevin, Just back the tent was fantastic! It rained constant for two days – no problem at all. Used the bedroll in it too. Also – the vintage Swiss patrol pack is awesome. Did quite a bit if walking yesterday and no water got through whatsoever. Brilliant kit.

Thanks again,

AW, Scotland.




Reconditioned Vintage Swiss Army Rucksack - details

Embossed leather stamp showing the pack was originally made by J. Wechner, Sattler (saddler) in the village of Arth in Switzerland (map) in 1952







Leather shoulder straps designed specially for this pack and hand made in our workshop .


Customer Photos:

Vintage Swiss Army Patrol Pack on the bonnet of a Land Rover Defender

The Patrol pack put through the paces in Langdale, Cumbria. Off to Harrison Stickle and back via The Band…  and a well earned pint at the Old Dungeon Ghyll…The pack was a pleasure to use and remarkably comfortable. Perfect all day pack. AF

Hello Kevin
Been using the pack for the last week in Yorkshire. Very pleased thanks again. LC

Customer photo of our 1950’s reconditioned pack in use in Yorkshire: with an even older Swiss Army Knife attached.

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