Vintage Military Canvas Bivvy Bag


Made of all-natural materials, cotton canvas and wooden toggles, our “Recon” Vintage MilitaryCanvas Bivvy Bag is a great robust and natural alternative to a goretex or other man made fibre bivvy bag. For this project we were able to source a very rare vintage military canvas bivvy bag with a water, wind and spark-resistant canvas outer shell. The bag has brass eyelets to which we add a Paracord drawstring around the hood and it fastens simply with beautiful traditional wooden toggle fixings. It is a generous size to allow for height and movement and fits a large sleeping bag inside. Use with your sleeping bag or with a traditional wool camp blanket to create an all natural materials sleep system. Please note the bivvy bag does not include the wool liner as shown, this is for illustration purposes to show how a sleeping bag or wool blanket fits inside.

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The ultimate robust bivvy bag with fire resistant natural materials – one you can really enjoy using in the outdoors, whether it be on a beach, mountainside or out in the woods.

Breathable and insulating but also importantly quiet and ‘non-rustling’, the waterproofed cotton canvas also provides good grip on a sleeping matt or inside a tent and so won’t slide around like modern bivvy bags. But the main advantage is the spark-resistance for use around a fire without fear of damaging an expensive goretex bag, as well as the bag’s overall robustness and build quality.

These are stamped with dates from the 1960’s, in unnused condition just out of storage.

Full length photo:


The comfortable foot-box section:


Recon waxed canvas bivvy bag and tarp in the forest - customer photo

Recon canvas bivvy bag and tarp in the forest – customer photo


Weight 1.9 kg
Dimensions 200 x 80 x 40 cm

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