WWII Commando Hat – Pure Wool ‘Cap Comforter’


Original, dated WWII British Army Commando Hat – the “Cap Comforter” – in pure wool, provides 4 layers of wool insulation with easy adjustment and fast wicking properties of wool. As used in World War II by British Army Commandos, we have found a supply of these having been stored for decades – preserved all this time by the old mothball method our “Recon” reconditioning process involves removing the residue the only way (it doesn’t wash out) – by leaving it out pegged up a tree for up to 30 days in the fresh air and pure rainwater of a windy somerset hillside!

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Converts to a ‘comforter’ scarf (also shown), incredibly warm, easily adjustable to the conditions and completely breathable – simply awesome: the best ‘wooly hat’ ever made without a doubt – it’s amazing that none of the modern outdoor gear companies have made a replica of this. Only the originals remain and they are now very scarce. Get a piece of history that like all our Recon range is still a seriously functional piece of gear today.

WWII British army commando cap comforter

WWII British Commandos illustration – note the famous kayaks as used in Operation Frankton in 1942.

wool commando hat

Original WWII Wool Commando Hat

wool commando hat

Using both the Hat and Scarf (comforter)

The Cap Comforters out in the fresh air, removing the mothball smell...

The Cap Comforters out in the fresh air, removing the mothball smell… note the range of different colours.

cap comforters in the trees

Cap Comforters up in the trees…


Customer photo & caption:

Somewhere in the French Alps, a British commando wool cap with a 1950’s military french bergen rucksack . The two veterans take a break during a hike this Sunday … a lot and long stories … And ever operational in this late Fall . Even at over 6500 feet ;-)”  – Pat, France.

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Dimensions 75 x 22 cm
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